What’s it all About? To Cost?

We’re asked lots of questions. One of them isn’t, “What are you doing in our home?” We were invited. Some of our staff have had problems in the past but we believe that baggage should be left at the door and that everyone deserves another chance. Our ethos is trust. All of our staff are vetted, checked and certified (with Food Hygeine Standards certificates).

At Restaurant at Home, we recognise that food is subjective. What one diner likes, the next may not. Most of our customers supply their own food for us to prepare, cook and serve. That way there’s no confusion over exactly what it is we’re cooking. We can supply the food of course, or we can be creative with whatever is available. We can go shopping for you if you like, deliver prepared meals, or just provide service. Generally though, we cook what we’re given and asked to prepare.

We’re certainly not about leaving customers with a bitter taste in their mouths, either with our cooking or our charges. That’s why we operate a pricing policy based on trust: you pay what you think we’re worth.

There are exceptions and some customers want a price fixed in advance: that’s fine. An hourly rate or a total cost, no problem. But the hospitality trade is built on tips, so we simply ask that our customers pay our staff what they feel our cooking and service is worth.

If we quote an hourly rate, we’ll give an indication of the amount of time it will take us to prepare your meal, serve it and clean down afterwards. Otherwise you might be wondering what we’re doing in your kitchen for all those hours you’re paying us. That would spoil your enjoyment of what should be a restaurant experience in your own home. We want everyone to be relaxed. You place your trust in us by inviting us into your home. We trust you to treat us fairly. We’re confident that our cooking and service will speak for themselves.

So if we serve up something you don’t like (which we won’t), pay us at least a complement to tell us where we didn’t get it quite right. That hasn’t happened yet. If you’re feeling generous though, feel free to share that generosity. Tell us what you want and what you have and we will deliver.

We’re your Restaurant at Home and at your service.

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