Penultimate Destination

28.11.14 (Day 341 still)


Final Destination is on the DVD player (watch out for the bus) and I could think of nothing else to call this post, so penultimate destination it is; as my be the place I’m staying.

I’m involved in ongoing arguments with people in authority and others who have none, so I only have time for quick notes.

My tormentor / aggressor continues to torment. I’m now being threatened with legal action for harassment, even though that party hasn’t been mentioned by name in the posts which they have taken offence at. We are a free country with freedom of expression partly won through wars fought. I am currently fighting one. So I’m free to say what I want provided it’s not inflammatory, untruth, libel or slander. It is in the public domain, granted but no names are mentioned in the posts in question.

The would-be prosecuting party has left me no means to defend myself as they send me defamatory, slanderous remarks from email accounts set up purely as a means of harassing me. They have also sent me text messages but then blocked me from responding to those texts. So what do I have left? This.

Words are being spoken of me to others and I have no means to reply other than this.

My aggressor will become the oppressed. They rode in on horses which they need to dismount and will eat humble pie come the day. Don’t mess with me. I’m sure that last sentence in itself will illicit a response and as I have only this means of communication with the intimidation, I will use it. I shall not mention any names of course. Not that I’m taking this personally.

Personally, I have bigger things to worry about. The arguments with DWP continue with CAB on my side (and they are on my side versus my aggressor as well; and so is my solicitor, as the vitriol thrown at me is via text message and the language is certainly directed at me personally as it came to a personal mobile. My generalised comments were merely that: generalised comments, aimed at no-one in particular, whereas comments to a mobile phone are aimed at the owner of that phone).

In any case (court cases aside but pending), ESA is subject to assessment, PIP is pending and I may have a flat soon. And one day I’ll move a new wife in.

Our final destination.

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