Paternal Lament

09.12.14 (Day 352)


Paternal Lament

Dear children,

I’ve made mistakes
Done things I regret
I hope you’ll forgive me
I hope you won’t forget

I’ve done wrong
I regret the past
Every day without you
is longer than the last

I have happy memories
Your early years
Every night my last supper:
the bitter taste of tears

I can’t be with you
But I can kiss the rain
So look up at the clouds
We’ll be together again

Where once you were
There’s now a hole
A gap where my heart was
The heart that you stole

But I give it to you gladly
It is yours to keep
I’m afraid it’s broken
But please don’t weep

For beneath the cracked surface
is all the love I ever had
Look inside and maybe
You will see your dad

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