On my Way Back From Way Back When

17.12.14 (Day 360)


I’ve clambered out of The Way Back When Machine after a five year journey through the past which started 15 years ago.

Of course it’s impossible to travel back in time, or rather if anyone had done so, no-one would know. It’s a paradox. It’s theoretically possible to travel forward in time if one is able to exceed the speed of light. It’s certainly possible to freeze time in – or at least slow it down – by reaching or approaching the speed of light. I literally don’t have time to explain it now (maybe in the future) but you can read about it here.

Looking at myself 15 years ago, indeed reading my own writing from back then, is quite striking. I was 29 years old and blogging was in its infancy. A lot has changed since then, including me. A lot hasn’t. Time is the fourth dimension and reading that old blog was like travelling back in time. If this blog which I now write are the first, second and third dimensions – because it does exist, as I and we do, on the X, Y and Z axes – by placing the old blog within this one, I have – in a literal sense – made this blog four dimensional: same person; same place; different time.

Interestingly, the old blog ended in 2003 and this one began in 2013. That decade-long hiatus coincides with the time I was married: a blank space. Which is interesting in itself as much went on before I was married and lots more since but not much during, if you believe what you read; or rather what you can’t because it’s not there.

The five years documented in the old blog are indelible; recorded and never to be erased. Even when I’m gone, from the physical form which I currently occupy, my imprint will remain. Exposed for all to see. The analogy presents itself again: that of the TV set which sits like an empty shell, brought to life by a signal broadcast through it, or rather which it receives. The human body is the TV set and the soul the signal. I shall live on in my cyberspace suit and all but the few with the means to do so are powerless to stop that. I’m a traveller, in time. My whole life is documented – with gaps – on this blog, on Facebook and elsewhere. And it’s all drawn together on my personal website. There’s no escape for me nor anyone else. Ever. Until humanity itself ceases to exist. This is like a 21st century cave painting. Even post-humanity; after the event of mass extinction, this blog – along with the internet in its entirety as captured by the Internet Archive; The Way Back Machine – could be transmitted across the cosmos for beings unknown to us to receive millennia from now; once we’re gone. But we’re still here in our imprint. 

I’m working on a third story in the Paradox series: The Paradox of the Fourth Dimension. If you’ve already read it when you read this, lend it to me so that I can copy it out. Or maybe you already did.

Greetings from the past and the future.

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