Table for 42?

17.12.14 (Day 360)


360 days out here: five short of a year. I’ve come full circle (360 days; degrees: see what I did there?)

Everything’s ready for tomorrow: my big debut, cooking, serving and generally running a community lunch for 26 confirmed guests but potentially up to around 40 diners. The food is in, the soux chef, commis chef, dessert chef and waiting staff booked and the kitchen reserved. We have three hours to prepare and cook before service and this won’t be the usual community church lunch. This will be head chef / director (me) on the pass, ensuring that every dish which goes out is identical, looks good and tastes nice. Flyers and business cards are packed and ready to be distributed among the diners as they are my potential future customers. I am indebted to my helpers and facilitators.

I’m also grateful to Go Clever, the manufacturer of the previous tablet computer and original Little Blue. Without a receipt nor any proof of purchase and with the serial number sticker removed, I took a gamble and sent the device back to the manufacturer. It was even sans keyboard. I hoped for a miracle, expected nothing and received more, over and above: a brand new tablet with a new keyboard to boot. I’ve got used to Little Blue II now though, so Little Blue Mk I will be sold and the proceeds used to pay off some debts. And to buy things to make a present for my sister (the biological one) who I’m told has bought me a gift herself. Stranger things have happened; that horse becoming pope, for one.

An early night tonight for this little chef as tomorrow is going to be pretty full-on but hopefully a practice run for other bookings to come.

If I end up with 42 diners, that will truly be a sign.

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