The Way Back Machine

17.12.14 (Day 360, still)


It’s been said and I’ve been warned that everything posted on this blog and the internet as a whole is indelible: an imprint is made which can’t be removed, thanks in part to The Way Back Machine or Internet Archive ( Even when a website has been removed or become obsolete, the foot print is there for all to see for ever more.

I know this of course and have always deliberately not left much out of this blog so that it may stand as a reminder to me of what I wrote and experienced. Some of what I’ve written was whilst under the influence, so the reminders are sometimes handy and occasionally cringe-worthy.

Before I started writing this blog – just over a year ago – I kept one which I started 15 years ago. It’s here.

The old blog is indelible and therefore will always be there but for continuity, I shall copy and paste the entries from my old blog to this one. It might be interesting to become re-acquainted with my old self;

So I shall climb into my time machine and travel to way back when…

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