Accidental White Sauce

From the Restaurant at Home cook book:

Our Chef Director discovered this one by accident, when he used cream instead of milk to make a white sauce. This is a complete cheat and doesn’t even require heat for preparation.

Quite simply, instead of using milk, butter and plain flour to make a white sauce, forget the butter completely and mix equal parts of double cream and cornflour. Stir until all lumps have disappeared, over a low heat or even no heat: instant white sauce.

Use the white sauce as the basis for a parsley or cheese sauce. Make the white sauce in bulk and freeze it. It’s really versatile; like us.

We can make this or any other sauce, marinade or spread for you. We can bottle it. We can deliver it. We can use it in a complete meal we cook for you in your own home. To find out what else we can do, just get in touch with Restaurant at Home:
07955 306667

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