And I Think it’s Gonna be a Long Long Time…

…till I can hold her again.

21.12.14 (Day 363)


I miss my wife. Rather, the one who’s referred to as The Wife: my special girl; my little clingy thingy. She’s gone, at least temporarily. Incarcerated.

My little thing has done wrong in the eyes of the plastic police and as a result, she’s caged and had her Christmas cancelled. She’s just a kid and doesn’t deserve such bullying from those who seek to control her. But she’ll rebel. She’s a feisty little thing and she will harbour her anger. One day she’ll kick back and those who try to control her will find themselves without her.

I write this here as my daughter-type thing has had most means of contact confiscated. If she can access the internet, she reads this blog and she’ll see this message from me. She knows who she is. She maybe doesn’t know what she wants or what she wants to be but she knows that she is unique, an apple of my eye and that I love her dearly.

We’ve been through so much together and I wish I could rescue her from her entrapment but I’m powerless. This one’s for you little thing:

My ray of light
My drop of sun
When I’m sad
You’re the one

You make me laugh
You make me smile
The one I’d walk for
A millionth mile

Always there
But now we’re apart
Your candle still burns
In my heart

I long to hold you
My little waif
Like I always did
Keeping you safe

Don’t give up
Don’t let them win
Come back to me
Then we’ll begin

To rebuild you
To re-start your life
Always my friend
Always The Wife

I love you my little girl and I hope you see this and know that I’m thinking of you.

See you soon. I hope xxxxxxxxxx

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