That Place

I have recently returned from an epic journey, having discovered the location of the place where Editors often direct us Writers. Yet another rejection slip and a rather curt comment from an Editor instructing me on where I should put my latest story prompted my journey. He was very vague in describing my destination and I therefore found it hard to locate.

I thought I’d found the place most nights, but each morning I knew I hadn’t. Last night I was sure I was in the right place, deep in a forest. This morning, as the wind parted the canopy and the Sun streamed in, I knew I was wrong again.

Setting off down a well-used path, I found a cave stretching deep underground. It grew so dark that I had to strike a match to see. Deep inside were thousands of manuscripts, just like the one I’d written and been carrying all this time. I put it down, in this place he’d told me of, where the Sun never shines.

© Steve Laker, 2001 – 2003.

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