Forbidden Rhapsody

Is this the real life. Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality. Open your eyes. Look up to the skies and see…

See me, looking down on you: the fallen angel with broken wings and a heart broken so many times I’ve lost count. But you’re still in there; I still carry a candle and I will still look after you, even if the only means I have for now is words.

And maybe there isn’t an escape. My work in progress, The Paradoxicon deals with this and much more besides. Take my hand and let me lead you into dreams.

Sometimes the truth shouldn’t be escaped; sometimes it should be embraced, even if there is trepidation on the way. Even if the head says no and all around forbid it, go with the heart, for it can take you where you know you long to be. Sometimes it’s just out of reach and a fantasy for now but with patience it can become a reality if that is what you will. Even then it may need to remain a secret but you can do it if you want. Sometimes the truth scares us but we embrace fear.

I remember a summer of love which couldn’t be. Too many people around; circumstances preventing. But many glances: knowing looks. We knew. One day maybe reality.

For now and until that day, I can only look back and wonder what if? But what if became what might have been and then it was lost. If we’d not been so strong, maybe we’d now have regrets. As it stands, we may never know. Unless we continue to be resolute and look forward. Or maybe nothing. Don’t discount anything and don’t fear nothing for nothing is what might have been.

You are not alone. You still have me, in any capacity you want: everything, nothing, or somewhere in between.

You are strong. Keep fighting and the truth will out. Whatever you want can become reality if you will it.

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