Home-made Chicken and Celery Pie

From the Restaurant at Home menu, this is one we knocked up for a customer last night:

At our disposal we had roast chicken left over from the previous night’s roast dinner and the freedom to use whatever we could find in their kitchen.

First we made a short crust pastry, using three parts plain flour to one part self-raising. We added cubes of butter – around half the weight of the flour – and mixed it all together to the consistency of breadcrumbs. Then we refrigerated the mixture for fifteen minutes. Next we added water gradually and mixed it all up with a wooden spoon to make the basic pastry dough and chilled that for a further fifteen minutes. Then using more flour, we rolled it out and lined our greased baking tins, before blind baking the bases of the pies.

Next we added the left over chicken and stuffing and added some cooked celery, dried basil and oregano, salt and pepper:


To make a sauce, we simply used chicken gravy granules and made a thick gravy, to which we added a dessert spoon of Worcestershire sauce and a teaspoon of yeast extract:


Then we added the lids, crimped the edges of the pies, scored them, coated them with egg wash and baked them. Et, voila:


Rustic, admittedly but served like that in a gastro pub, in their dishes, a money-grabbing proprietor would have you for a tenner each: we won’t.

So we simply used left overs, together with a few other things in the kitchen and worked some magic. We cooked, we served and we done the dishes.

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