Squares time


The world is square. At least mine is.

Some people have been worrying about me and although I told them not to, their concerns had justification. I’m not going back to my old ways and those weren’t the worries. Rather, I’ve set up my new camp in life and the fragility of that was what was causing concern; for those who care about me and for me personally. But, here goes:

I’m square with the landlord. It doesn’t matter how this came about but rest assured that he is off of my back. I haven’t killed him.

I’m square with two people who may have had an issue with me, who come into the bar and who know one of my past tormentors: the biological, undeserving father of one of my little girls. I’ve spoken to them: they’re on my side and if one individual wants to come and find me, he’ll also find a couple of mutual friends: they’ll be standing behind me.

I’m square with a regular here who is a ghost from the past: a part of the past which is pretty dark and violent; a past relationship. He knows who I am. We’ve spoken. We’re straight.

Charming, aren’t I?

So, now it’s a chilled weekend for me and my housemates.

Chill out, those who might otherwise worry.

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