Sex cams and body crimes


“Dash cams”: Forgive the driving reference but they have overtaken the sat nav. Dash cams are on the dashboard of every motorist who wants to record evidence which is admissible in a court of law, for insurance purposes among others. Similarly, helmet cams and body cams, as worn by – among others – cyclists and police officers respectively. Sometimes they prove innocence or guilt.

So, alleged sex crime? When the boundaries are so blurred, would it not be wise to employ such a defence? But to what end? Do you wear such a device to prove that each sexual encounter was consensual? Might the technology be abused?

We are at the beginning of a technological revolution. Myself and others wonder if we can keep up with our own evolution…

This is the basis of an article I’m writing for a national newspaper. As such, I’d be grateful of readers’ thoughts.