The Inner Leviathan



Having published A Steam Punk Romance, I’ve been asked more times than I was expecting what The Inner Leviathan – which that particular short story forms the basis of – is about. With the freedom of expression granted me by the freedom to write, I have been able to work on a synopsis for the next book. This project has superseded the other novels as a result. Here are some cover notes:   

Blue and Alexa are lost. They are lost in their individual lives, whilst at the same time being lost together in a place which they can’t comprehend: like newborns spurted from separate wombs into different worlds but who are somehow in touch. They don’t know where the connection lies. At first, they don’t even know that it exists. Unconventional companions and yet conjoined, Blue was once human and Alexa, an oil rig.

Their unorthodox partnership evolves, before a calamitous event on earth in the form of a meteor strike causes them both to metamorphose: two co-dependent entities become one. Whilst merging, Blue and Alexa regress and mature at the same time: this new marriage forms a structure which is retro-futuristic and neo-Victorian in appearance: a magical, steam punk structure, conjuring up the improbable; afloat, moving under its own steam, but vulnerable.

The earth which sustains this evolved leviathan is itself under threat, not from the alien source of the meteors but from another, greater outside influence.

Earth is commandeered by an apparently friendly alien influence, which seeks to use the planet as a means of transport. Planet earth is still rich in natural resources, which will propel it to a new destination. Meanwhile, Alexa and many others like her have been freed of their ties to the host planet and given the means to evolve. The earth becomes self-powered, as do Alexa and others upon the mother ship which is earth.

Planet earth sheers her moorings, just as Blue and Alexa have whilst on board her. But they remain attached.

The three of them set off, in search of something. Travelling around a universe with porous boundaries and with the ability to enter any alternate existence, however close to or far removed from their own those places may be, they vow to stick together.   

Can all three co-exist? Is three a crowd? Who needs whom the most?

Travel with an ex-human, an oil rig and a planet as they begin to discover all that is around them.

3 thoughts on “The Inner Leviathan

    • A Steam Punk Romance certainly does warrant further reading, for you to see the subtle undertones.

      You are witness to the way that I can conceal things whilst making them obvious at the same time: I refer you to the brick wall which was staring you and other readers directly in the face all along, before it hit you from seemingly nowhere in The Paradoxicon.

      Once you understand the subtext of A Steam Punk Romance, the synopsis of The Inner Leviathan may take on greater meaning.

      Nothing is impossible in literature and in the hands of a good writer, the improbable can be made plausible.


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