A bedtime broadcast


For reasons known better to others, my poetry is proving quite popular. Verse is something which I practice in writing, as poetry challenges the writer to convey more meanings in fewer words than fiction allows. I must not be swayed too much though by the popularity of my poetry, because I’m a horror writer, first and foremost. 

So this is a poem I wrote: something to read before bed.


They Pray

Now I lay me down to sleep…
Ready or not,
here I come.
Fire, fire, burning bright.
Whisper who dares,
where I’m from.

Between awake and dreams:
the moment
no-one can recall.
That’s where we live.
We sleep.
With all.

And when you stir,
we are gone
but yours to keep:
a memory,
Now lay thee down to sleep.

It stands on its own two feet but it will mean more to some people if I were to tell them that Kate and Miles gave me this.

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