A eulogy to Serenity



Serenity: My home for the last few days

Before my life fell apart, I took a trip aboard Serenity for the first time. That journey ended abruptly, when Fox pulled the plug on Firefly. I lost the one and only season, and the movie, when my life went off the rails.

Serenity stayed in my mind, as a comforting place to imagine myself in, when really I was on the streets. A yet-to-be-published short story, Ghost Bird,  was written, out in the cold and dark, when the only place I had to live was in my imagination. Ghost Bird became the call sign for a mechanised, weaponised galactic raptor leviathan (a Skekkle) called Goose, in a book I’m writing in the background; Infana Kolonia.

Five years after that first trip, having re-acquired the DVDs, I took a pilgrimage: I watched all of the aired episodes and the film again. The one season which aired earned Firefly 9.1 on IMDb; the film, 8.0. The conspiracy theorist within me can’t help thinking that Fox pulled it because the Illuminati grew nervous of the truth being revealed. So now it’s just a cult sci-fi, discussed and analysed among geeks.

Now, Serenity has set me back down on Earth. It takes a long time for the enormity of such a thing to filter through the mind, so perhaps in another five years, we may fly again. Until next time, farewell to my home for the last few days.

Farewell; Be safe, Mal, Zoë, Wash, Inara, Jayne, Kaylee, Simon, River and the shepherd. Safe journey, Serenity. Live long and prosper, may the force be with you and may you pick me up again some day

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