The individual price of billions

If we’re quick about it, we could sustainably feed, clothe and shelter all of us; with co-operation, many times over.

Over-population arguments (of the far-right, with its eugenics agenda) ignore the elephant in the room, which is the inequality of distribution, of resources and consumption.

You may want to be careful that you are not led astray by people who are a part of the problem, and it appears that this may be happening…”

Full transcript

Before we run out out air, we’ll exhaust the planet’s resources of rare elements, crucial for the manufacture of technology. We are at an evolutionary impasse with ourselves.

If a complete stranger said “help me,” I’d like to think we’d all rush to the aid of a fellow human. So why is humanity so divided? Politics and religion, borders of human construct. We really need to get over ourselves.

Our one home can support billions, but we need to talk to the billionaires about how we get there.

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