Realty on the Nextworld estate




When we first moved in, he told us not to eat the fruit. Very decent of him to point things out in our new home, where you don’t know what’s real and what’s plastic. We were planning a family here.

Long story short, he promised us a garden. He said we’d have to work the land, as otherwise there’d be no harvest. That’s how it all began, and now we’re stuck here.”

What did he look like?”

Distinguished old gent. Long hair and a big beard. You could hardly see his face. I think it was to cover his burns. Poor guy, his skin was charred.”

What was he wearing?”

A long coat which covered his feet. When he walked, it sounded like he was wearing heels.”

Have you read the bible?”

Yes. Many years ago.”

I think you’ve been victims.”

Now you mention it, neat trick.”

© Steve Laker, 2020

I lost it halfway up the Escalator


For a friend who’s lost the plot. Like I’ve been left so many times, they just want to be by themselves…

Halfway up the stairs Poem

Identity lost in the post. Hold on to the handrail, keep your head up kid.