The mended heart of Catford

THE WRITER’S LIFE Where you’re from is not necessarily where you were born or spent your childhood, but where your heart is, and where you feel at home. Despite a comfortable upbringing in the country, I feel I’m more from London, specifically the borough of Lewisham, and Catford, SE6. That’s where my heart misses a…Read more The mended heart of Catford

A decade in a haiku trilogy

THE WRITER’S LIFE Since the good ship Simon set sail, I’ve been going through some old family photos on Facebook. Never one to shamepost pictures of my young adults when they were kids, the memories are nevertheless contained in the ten years I was married, when Mountsfield Park and Manor House Gardens were my 100 Aker…Read more A decade in a haiku trilogy

The cat thinks it wants to go out

POETRY Where you’re from doesn’t have to be where you were born. Your heart can come to life many years after you’d merely breathed to find belonging. Where you’re from is where your heart beats, and for me that resides in an ode to London SE13, and especially SE6. It’s a world where nature prevails,…Read more The cat thinks it wants to go out

The omnipresent Kung Po chicken

THE WRITER’S LIFE My real and online lives have always been blurred, and my fiction contains much which is real. The places and people of my imagination connect and fold in on each other and into parallel worlds besides. Where it all plugs in is The Unfinished Literary Agency, above Hotblack Desiato’s office in Islington:…Read more The omnipresent Kung Po chicken

Captain Mamba and Zaphod

THE WRITER’S LIFE | FICTION In the beginning there was Douglas Adams and The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. There was Pink Floyd and The Division Bell, and there was Keep Talking (AKA ‘Cyrus Song’), the track which samples Stephen Hawking. Then there was a book inspired by all of that, also called Cyrus…Read more Captain Mamba and Zaphod

Cyrus Song (Act 1) for typewriter

SCIENCE FICTION To coincide with Blue Planet Live this week on the BBC, I’m giving Cyrus Song away for free. In the first episode, the BBC programme asked the question: Why do whales seek out contact with humans? The question is especially poignant given our abuse of their species in the past, hunting them almost…Read more Cyrus Song (Act 1) for typewriter

Hide and seek close to home

THE WRITER’S LIFE In an hour of freestyle therapy writing for today, I let my mind wander, but not far from home. In sixty minutes of whimsy, I picked ten random facts from the air around me, in no particular order but as they occurred to me while my mind pondered locally. The writing prompt was…Read more Hide and seek close to home

Cyrus Song without headphones

SCIENCE FICTION The eBook edition of Cyrus Song (compatible with Kindle and most eReaders) is always available for the price of a coffee (£2.99 but more people need to hear the sound of our mother Earth, and our grandmother, Sol (or Cyrus, the sun). “…If this all sounds a bit weird, that is, because it…Read more Cyrus Song without headphones