Paula Nancy’s rattling bones

POETRY This week I reach the age which Douglas did before he left the planet, like so many others as I’ve grown old and they didn’t. This is for my friends who left school before me. On growing old (and lonelier) as a pot-smoking private poet… (background image) I believe we’re not truly gone…Read more Paula Nancy’s rattling bones

Who’s afraid of Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings?

THE WRITER’S LIFE | POETRY Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings was a poet who wrote the worst poetry in the universe. In fact, her poetry is still considered to be the worst in the Galaxy, closely followed by that of the Azgoths of Kria and the Vogons, in that order. Well, we’ll see about that… I’m…Read more Who’s afraid of Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings?

The evolution of Nativity sheep

FICTION As has become tradition, Advent is the time for my alternative nativity. Last year I said that with the state of the UK and the world beyond, that could be the last Christmas humanity saw. I was wrong, so I got to edit yet another nativity. Last year I was the sanctimonious proclaimer of…Read more The evolution of Nativity sheep

Practising Japanese sneezing

HAIKU While I’m still being processed and oppressed by the fascist regime’s murderous social cleansing machine, I’m a writer with many words stored but fewer to express. I use poetry, naturally, but lately I’ve been toying with haiku. Haiku is of course the Japanese form of poetry, where a verse is three lines – rarely…Read more Practising Japanese sneezing

Cats can’t get no poetry to rhyme

SCIENCE FICTION | POETRY It’s generally accepted that Vogon poetry is the third worst in the galaxy, after that of Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings, and mine. It’s also accepted that intelligence of species on Earth goes white mice, dolphins, cats, then humans (then dogs, according to cats). But we all bathe in the light of…Read more Cats can’t get no poetry to rhyme