Mirror in the monkey cage

POETRY Give an infinite number of monkeys a typewriter each, and some will eventually transcribe Shakespeare. Others will sit on those antique writing implements and eventually sell them at boot fairs, while still more might not work out what they’re for. It’s all about evolution. Two views, the judged and the judge… Image: Tambako the…Read more Mirror in the monkey cage

The Infinite Monkey Agency

THE SCI-FI WRITER’S PROMPTS There are a finite number of plots and an (almost) infinite number of ways to tell the stories, yet even a truly infinite number of writers would never complete them all. Some of the best stories (even some of my own) are those which leave the reader thinking, and often finishing…Read more The Infinite Monkey Agency

Please do not eat the grass

POETRY It’s amazing to consider how far we’ve evolved, but while humans ‘protect’ our cousins in zoos, the great apes are observing us. There’s a reason smoking is banned at London Zoo, especially around the open-air enclosures… How the residents of ZSL really feel about being humanity’s guests is further explored in Cyrus Song (available…Read more Please do not eat the grass

Pan troglodyte propaganda

POETRY A future traveller found a sheet of headed paper in one of the infinite monkeys‘ typewriters. ‘The human guilt complex’, or ‘The Simplicity of Human Complexity,’ stacks of an evolving soliloquy were left in the Unfinished Literary Agency‘s photocopier.  The writers continue to evolve, and they’re apparently handing out flyers in the street. They’ve learned…Read more Pan troglodyte propaganda

Call TOLL-FREE: 1-800-0-000-000

FLASH FICTION A short story (222 words) about passwords and personal data. Precious commodities entrusted to digital custody… EIGHT BILLION QUESTIONS Please enter user name Human, A How may I help you today? How do I prevent the impending destruction of planet Earth? Hmmm. Tricky. I may have to think about that for a while.…Read more Call TOLL-FREE: 1-800-0-000-000