Typewriters as carry-on luggage

THE WRITER’S LIFE | POETRY My typewriter uses magnets to get the hammers to hit the paper, because I need help to press the keys. Don’t ask me why I eat my cornflakes from a coffee mug with a small spoon: I’m quite content and I know what I’m doing, putting my writing into the overhead…Read more Typewriters as carry-on luggage

Cyrus Song (Act 1) for typewriter

SCIENCE FICTION To coincide with Blue Planet Live this week on the BBC, I’m giving Cyrus Song away for free. In the first episode, the BBC programme asked the question: Why do whales seek out contact with humans? The question is especially poignant given our abuse of their species in the past, hunting them almost…Read more Cyrus Song (Act 1) for typewriter

The evolution of a manual typewriter

FICTION | HORROR This is my return to the fringes of horror fiction, after a few months away writing a sci-fi tribute to Douglas Adams: This is not a love story. Like many of my short stories, it has subtle links to others but it still works on its own. This one is from The…Read more The evolution of a manual typewriter


I’m an atheist, anarchist writer (author, novelist, satirist, commentator, poet), cryptic crossword compiler and blogger. I don’t believe in the human construct of God, but I reconcile science and religion, believing the bible and other religious scripture could well be historical recordings, using the language and tools of the scribes of the time. Give an ancient…Read more Typewriter

Please do not eat the grass

POETRY It’s amazing to consider how far we’ve evolved, but while humans ‘protect’ our cousins in zoos, the great apes are observing us. There’s a reason smoking is banned at London Zoo, especially around the open-air enclosures… How the residents of ZSL really feel about being humanity’s guests is further explored in Cyrus Song (available…Read more Please do not eat the grass

Pan troglodyte propaganda

POETRY A future traveller found a sheet of headed paper in one of the infinite monkeys‘ typewriters. ‘The human guilt complex’, or ‘The Simplicity of Human Complexity,’ stacks of an evolving soliloquy were left in the Unfinished Literary Agency‘s photocopier.  The writers continue to evolve, and they’re apparently handing out flyers in the street. They’ve learned…Read more Pan troglodyte propaganda

From the old man in the 42nd row

THE WRITER’S LIFE My micro-galactic voyage around the man-made universe which is the internet takes me to many places, inside the microcosm of my shared humanity. My typewriter is like a tiny spacecraft providing a window on the outside world. I can change my viewpoint and look into an infana kolonia (Esperanto for ‘Infant colony’) and sometimes I can…Read more From the old man in the 42nd row

Several moments in theatre

MICRO FICTION The music of least interest tells you what’s happening on stage or screen. The melody needs to be different, so that it’s another voice. Seated at a naked desk, without a single sheet of paper to write on, the typewriter becomes a mirror on the stage. A sheet of paper has two sides…Read more Several moments in theatre

A walk-on part in roboticism

MICRO FICTION Loosely defined as 100 words or fewer, micro-fiction is a group of places I find myself in while I have more to say than available words. More restrictive than fiction in a flash of 250-500 words, the micro format is the formation of volcanic islands in the oceans of many planets. They’re stories…Read more A walk-on part in roboticism