…to prevent a piece of the breach


When I look around at ‘normal’ people, I see social conditioning, much of it grotesque. If that’s ‘normal’, it’s not something I wish to be. So I wrote a poem while I was camped out on Echo Beach



Keep being individual. Keep being different. However you are, be yourself.


It’s the end of the world we know


It’s Easter, and I see local news anchors handing over gleefully to weather reporters, “Isn’t the weather lovely?” No it isn’t. It shouldn’t be like this. But because it is, thousands will flock to the beaches and leave their plastic human pollution behind. I’m also following the Extinction Rebellion movement on London’s streets, and counting the days before the government approves water cannon. I’m stuck at home with a typewriter, watching the first clashes of fascism with socialism


Human-Extinction-Upon-Us2Is human extinction upon us? (Might that be better for the planet?)

The end of a world we once knew, is the foundation for a world we don’t know.