Anxiety and despair in 3 words


A 45 RPM I wrote, which spins for about 14 seconds. It’s about stumbling back into life in Tonbridge after ten years in London, and all that’s meant over the last five years. I made it black and orange, as a kind of reflection of a one-way train ticket. Off the rails and onto the streets, but from where I live now, there’s a direct ThamesLink train line straight back to Catford…

Tonbridge Station Poem 6

If I’m eating my dessert with a teaspoon, please don’t give me a big spoon. I’m having a great time and I know what I’m doing.

The paradox of poetry


I favour prose over poetry or verse, as I prefer to write free form. Although my poetry might be better than that of Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings (or the Vogons), I don’t consider myself a poet first, but rather a writer who pens verse. Its an area I only dabble in, but I’ve accrued enough to encourage me to do more. Here’s one I made earlier.


In a moment3